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We have served more than 150 companies with
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SAP Business One enables you
to run your entire small and
medium-sized business.

From accounting and finance to procurement, from inventory management to sales and customer relations, from project management to operations and human resources, SAP® Business One is the right tool for you to successfully manage your business. offers a cost-effective method.

With our passion for our work,
we aim to be a part of your success.

In addition to providing you with quality services, we work with all our strength to add value to your business.

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Questions You Are Wondering...

Answers to some frequently asked questions about your industry and ERP Systems…

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software allows businesses to manage all their business processes in a single. These are solutions that enable them to achieve a fast and effective management form by combining them on software.

Since all business data will be under a single roof, data controls are easily performed and fast access to reliable data is provided.

In ERP solutions with mobile usage opportunities such as SAP Business ONE, it is possible to access data independently of location.

With external system integrations (e.g. b2b, b2c, etc.), instant real-time data management can be done.

SME ERP solutions should be scalable according to the resources (workforce, machinery, equipment, technology, etc.) of the companies. ERP adaptations and solutions that do not match the realities of companies are doomed to be garbage. SAP offers a fast adaptable and economical platform for SMEs with SAP Business ONE ERP solution, which is created in line with the experience and knowledge gained in the sector for many years.

Before investing in ERP, companies should first describe all their business processes as they are. (as is) Then they should reveal the improvements they want to make in these business processes but cannot. (to be) After these two determinations, it should be approved by the company management whether the results obtained coincide with the realities of the company. The final result can be used as a rough ERP analysis for the company.

Our recommendation is to carry out these analysis processes with professional management consultants.

An ERP adaptation that does not reflect the realities of the company can have consequences that can harm the company more than benefit.

Implementing unfeasible approval mechanisms, validations and constraints can lead to locking the system and disrupting the business.

This is why a correct analysis, conceptual design and implementation project is so important.

The adaptation periods of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software vary according to many factors. To summarize these factors;

  • Infrastructure opportunities offered by the preferred ERP solution (Adaptation & Development)
  • Details of the business processes that the company wants to follow on ERP
  • Competencies of the people who will follow the relevant project at the ERP provider and the customer

This list can go on and on, but to summarize, every company today will get a faster and more effective result if it prefers an ERP Software that overlaps with its own realities and receives consultancy from an ERP provider company familiar with its business processes (in a sectoral sense).

In this sense, SAP Business ONE solution stands out as a solution that is completely oriented towards SMEs.


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