ERP Project Pre-Conceptual Analysis and Design Consultancy

Yıllardır ERP Projelerinde gördüğümüz en önemli sıkıntı proje öncesinde tarafların birbirini tam olarak anlamamalarından kaynaklı çatışmalar ve bu çatışmaların meydana getirdiği başarısızlıklar. Especially in Turkey, the widely used saying “The caravan is straightened on the road” is unfortunately not a very correct approach for a complex project such as ERP.

As EROPA team, we offer you an ERP Software Independent service in the light of these bittersweet experiences we have gained in the projects we have been involved in for nearly 25 years!

If you are operating in one of the sectors we define below, we prepare a conceptual design document between 100-500 pages in line with the complexity of your processes by conducting a detailed analysis in your company before the ERP selection process.

Some Sectors We Provide Service

Conceptual Design Document

What we aim to do with this document is to take a detailed X-ray of your company and guide you to create an appropriate treatment plan (process improvement).

If you ask what information we will get at the end of the day, we have briefly summarized the process below:

1. Current Situation Analysis
Examination of all working and business principles of your company at the moment, determination of inputs and outputs of the process. Understanding the workflows and diagramming them if they do not exist.

2. Analysis of the Targeted Situation after the ERP Process
We analyze the underlying reasons for your company to undertake an ERP Project and understand what kind of structure you want to achieve after such a project. After this analysis, we recreate your workflows.

3. GAP Analysis
We clarify your requirements by analyzing the differences between the current situation and expectations. We determine the methods on how you can model these differences with the ERP System.

4. Finally, you get an important output on how you should manage your ERP Selection process.
With this output, both your company management sees more clearly what kind of benefits you will get with the ERP project and the ERP provider company you will work with sees what kind of tools it needs to meet the defined scope at the beginning of the work and prevents budget overruns by making a more accurate bidding.